Monday, December 24, 2007


Mmmm that's where I 'll stop when it comes down to this pic

Emeka doin the usual baller casual look

Ohh America & Sudan (Luol Deng) trying to attack Naija boy...

Emeka's pics on the court always translate his strength I find...

Brandy & bro hanging out w/Emeka

Just like I said at the beg' mmmm!! the end:)

Naija boy... I don't recall if Emeka was mentioned in that "Naija Boy" video
( u know I love me that anywhoo Mr 25 years old Chukwuemeka, yeah his first name was born in Nigeria before moving 2 the states w/his family..

Emeka ain't no joke if this basketball career was not to work out for the worries he has finance as a background to fall back on ...Did you know that this naija boy was named Academic All-American of the Year in 2004 ..I'm 1 sucker for driven men so u know this struck a chord w/me lol..anywhoo homeboy graduated a bachelors in finance in 3 years people while pursuing his basketball career...come on people this 6ft 1 got it going on...

He played for U-con and had his number retired ..for his accomplishment..

He now plays for the Charlotte Bobcasts and is known in the nation for being one of the best center players period..

Of course just like any professional playa he had to deal w/physical challenges, a weight gain, a hurt ankle which slowed him down in 2006 but in 2007 Emeka was doin his thang...

This is not all, Emeka is also giving back to his nigerian communitty by establishing the "One Million African Lives to Save" which mission is to supply African health pros w/blood testing kits which will help prevent
unhealthy blood transfusions (yes people that unfortunately happens)
So I say kudos to this young brotha...go naija boy!!

Here's the official site for his non profit efforts:
Here's the Charlotte Bobacts official page:

Here's 1 video featuring our Naija Boy:

Djaa Naija boys are 'bout it 'bout it:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

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