Monday, December 03, 2007


1 of my fav' magazines is excited..!!

If you've missed it, this 1 mag' for Muslim women mostly young ladies, it's very progressive and it encourages these young ladies 2 be proud of their faith and traditions.

It's really really progressive, the quality of the pics and pages is sublime (let's be real a mag without great pics is not the best) love the fashion advice it gives to these young ladies, it talks hijab, no hijab, faith, health, sports...really BRAVO to this project.

Also they have a contest right now for young ladies 2 nominate an exceptional young Muslimah from the world.

Here's the email address where u can send nominations:

Here's the webbie:

Lovesss it, for young Christian African women if there's a mag I should be aware about , please let me know I would love 2 feature other faiths...

Djaa we gotta remenber our Creator, cos we ain't nothing without Him:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


Robyn said...

Hey - here's an article by Muslim Girl Magazine's editor-in-chief:

Anonymous said...

We Muslim are proud of who we really are