Tuesday, December 09, 2008


'Im not your prisoner'
Fellow blogger Nneka that I met for the first time

Asa dancing on stage..the crowd went nuts

Benenise hip hop band..loved their energy

With beautiful Fanta who was in Dakar on business trip

Asa was in town..and she blew all of us away...I had her cd but never took the time to listen it...
I thought of listening to it before leaving the night of the concert..but I figured that I wanted to get lost within the novelty of the lyrics and her sound...I knew that in part due to Trace music chanel lol that she was quite popular in Dakar ..so I got my ticket early..I was absolutely right ..it was sold out which happen rarely at the CCF of Dakar..cool high school kids, foreigners, cute and stylish couples ...it was a really diverse crowd..people were in a enthusiastic mood and reay to sing along to Asa's music..I was really lucky to be able to seat front seat..I love being able to watch every single movement of the artist..ect...

Before she graced us of her presence, 2 hip hop crews from Togo and Benin repped for where they came from..interesting but unfortunately I don't remenber their names .....
Finally after an hour or so of discovering hip hop a la Benenise and Togolese
Asa came on stage, I loved her musical entrance...she was wearing black pants white shirt and a lil black vest and white sneakers.. a true artist there to showcase her talent ...of small stature sassy and such a strong personality which im sure came with age..in her bio she recalls being an outcast in church and in school..fastforward to today i see a strong beautiful woman who could care less of what you think of her....
She served us some nigerian folk soul..and we were fed and still asking for some more...for the most part people knew the words to the songs and were singing along..
Asa in btw songs showed a bit of her personality through little jokes here and there....she surprised us with Senegal's own superstar Youssou Ndour who improvised on stage with here...
My fav' song was none of her own but her rendition of Nina Simone
'Im feeling good" songs that stood out to me were: Bibanke of course Jailer and Peace...
This concert also was the occasion for me to see my gir Fanta from NY who was on a business trip here...word up mama got to stay longer next time
it was lovely seeing you girl such a beautiful spirit to u...
I also got the chance to meet Miss Nneka a fabulous blogger from Cameroun (check her blog as I'm sure she had an interesting vision of the show)
Here's Asa's webbie:
Great interview of the sista:

Djaa Asa is doing it right:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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Amina said...

I had no idea you were in Dakar right now..aaw....i can imagine that it was a great concert!
she sings beautifully and her locks are soooooo gorgeous