Thursday, December 11, 2008


Living in Senegal sometimes I forget that in other parts of our continent our sisters are still fighting for their basic rights.. Rape is one of the most prominent social issues in Burundi... Rape in Burundi is one of the consequences of the civil war of 2003 ..when the rebels and soldiers would conquer villages they would physically assault young and older women

In their society, women voices can barely be heard....most cases of rape that are raised in court finish unfinished.. .the lawyers and judges are corrupted..and the victims find themselves accepting that their attackers will be released... I read the case of a woman who was raped by a soldier in a village would think that it was horrible he then inserted a bottle of beer in her private parts...???!!!!!

People who come to the rescue of rape victims are also targetted by these men in uniform who do not hesitate to use their power against these courageous third parties..

And unfortunately just like in India victims are tagged with a negative stigma and sometimes rejected by their own families.
Women in Burundi have very few rights, for the most part they are rather dependent on husbands, brothers uncles..whatever they say is the family law

According to David Nahimana the illegal circulation of weapons also explains the spread of rape in Burundi

also pushes these attackers to brutalise these inocent women and mothers
Healthcare system is in need of a serious push, international organizations such as Amnesty International and the UN are working hard in partnership with the governement of Burundi in order to find new reforms, to teach judges abt the procedures to use in order to protect these women.

If you would to learn more abt rape in
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Djaa we need to help protect our sisters from Burundi

Eyeee Wayee!!

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Anonymous said...

I just read your article. It's really good but the civilian war began in 1993 not in 2003 even if it's not like Rwanda.
I like ur blog ça fait du bien un peu d'art made in Africa; i'm addicted