Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Rwanda is an African country where it's still rare to see a young woman on top of the musical charts ..Josiane Uwinewa is living her dream,a litterature graduate student she chose to live her

She's loved by all generations in her country, her agreable demeanor, her music is a mix of hip hop soul dancehall spiced up with Swahili and English lyrics..
Sometimes I forget that in Afrika women still have to fight very hard against social misconceptions
One of the proudest moments of Jojo's career took place in 2006 at the National Stadium of Rwanda where she was the only female guest singer invited among many of her male peers

This past month she was awarded the PAM Awards 2008 which celebrates the most successful acts of Rwanda...
Her actual goal is to pursue music despite the critics she receives..her first album is called Genesis wishing the best to this strong young woman

Here's her webbie
Discover her through this video

Djaaa my ladies from Rwanda sont dedans aussi
Eyeeee Wayeeee

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Anonymous said...

It's surprising that women are left behind in this industry in Rwanda since they've taken the lead in government and the private sector. This is a fascinating country. Another Rwandese seinger who is a bit unknown but has a lovely voice is Faycal: