Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Def' unique this posting abt one of a kind African artists...pure joy! Her music is def hers- some of her influences are Fela Kuti, Joni Mitchell, Duke Ellignton,Joanna Newsom Converse shoes, stockings, beautiful dresses,...a mix of different influences

You have to hear this Fabulafricana..her intonation is different Def' will be a star I can feel it She started playing the guitar around 13 at that time interpreting songs was not her focus, after one of her teachers heard her sing he convinced her of her talent Btw 16 and 18 she did club gigs..ect

Today at 28 years old she 's pursuing even stronger her passion, Wishing good luck to this Manchester Fabulafricana sista..if you like deep lyrics on colorful melancholic beats u'll enjoy this sista:)

Def' give her a chance:
See her here:

Djaa my Liberian sistas sont dedans dee:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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AnyaPosh said...

Wow...amazing inspiration you have on here.

Most especially, I love your playlist. I'm a naija girl & I can't get enuf of all those good vibes you've go playing there. Good job! Keep showing us that we can do it, and that anything is possible!!!