Thursday, December 04, 2008


Beautiful Cap Vert

Clodia's boutique Flushia

You can find any and everything from papers pen to items of clothing

Clodia on the right at her first exhibit-vernissage

Despite her buzy schedule she finds time to teach art to children

Children enjoying themselves

Healthy fun

Miss Clodia Sabbagh

Reppin for Cap Vert

One of my the colors

Interesting piece

I've decided today to celebrate all the beautiful ladies in my personal life that inspire me to be better and to pursue my goals...
Claudia is just amazing..a beautiful woman born in Senegal with Cap Verdean roots..after a degree in design she decided to relocate to the beautiful islands of her ancestor..there she opened a store where local artists, politcal officials and neighbors can find beautiful things from paper to clothe..u name it Fushia has it...
She could have stopped there..nope not Clodia she had other goals she wanted to pursue ..sharing her love of painting with local children in a town where there aren't too many activities with children..she chose to just teach an hand full of kids in order to give them her all ..After a long day at Fushia where she is both the inventory girl the assistant the receptionist she still finds the energy to give ...
This past summer at the insistence of friends she held her first exhibit..after seeing the pieces I understood easily why...
Clodia is a fabulafricana woman who enjoys life one day at the time one trip at the time one human encounter at the time and just for that she's an amawing woman in my book...
If you would like more info on clodia
Djaa my ladies are doing the damn thing in Cap Vert
Eyeee Wayeee!!!

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Amina said...

omg! she is just an inspiration!!!
thank you for featuring her here!