Thursday, December 04, 2008


Finally finally of the readers has been asking me to write abt her for the longest..sorry abt the delay just wanted to have pics to go with it and more info..let's gooo...

Neyma was discovered on a local tv Mozambican tv show where she took 2nd place..she was just 16 and had more time to mature before becoming the chouchou of the Mozambican public

Today at 29 years old she has 4 cds under her belt ..the zouk ballad singers and marrabenta singer is well known in Portugal and is the star to beat in her home country

Last year she was awared top vocalist of the year by Portuguese Afro Music Channel

I actually enjoy her music...give it a try
Here' s her webbie...please update Neyma a diva always have her webbie on lock
Djaaa my ladies from Mozambique sont dedans
Eyeee Wayeee!!!

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Very nice thank you