Monday, December 29, 2008


Courtesy of Joseph Y.

Mine always die:(.. so you know what this year I will learn how to keep them alive...
From the bit of research I've done,I gather that:
  1. We should always cut of one inch of the flowers scissors will do or a knife and put them asap in a vase of course filled with lukewarm water remenber to change the water every 2 days...

  2. When buying them it's best to buy them already cut ....

  3. Always make sure that there aren't any leaves in the water

  4. If you are dealing with roses the trick is to cut the stems in the water

  5. Def' use the packets given to you by the florist they contain chemicals that will kill the bacterias in the water and will feed your plants as well

  6. Some experts say that adding seven up to lukewarm water can maintain your flowers alive, some use 1/2 of bleach and a bit of lemon juice as well.

  7. Keep flowers away from the sun and in cool places at night

  8. Never put flowers close to a bowl of fruits because they release a nefaste gas

  9. Another interestin trick I've learned consists of putting dead looking roses in a bit of may freshen them up ...

  10. You can also add a bit of sugar to your water ..

I found this article quite helpful :

Enjoy your flowers:)

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