Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Dr Wambugu is an agricultural plant pathologist specialized in genetic engineering for the protection against viral crop diseases ..heavy stuff right!!!

She was born in a rural area of Kenya where she saw early on the poverty in which farmer families like hers were living in...

In 1975 she became the first Kenyan woman to be admitted to the University of Nairobi to study botany and zoology..she later on obtained a masters in plant pathology...

Its while she was preparing for her PHD that she did some research on viral diseases that were affecting sweet potatoes crops in Kenya...
While she was studying at Washinghton UVI she learned about the technology put in place by Manseto that could prevent the death of the crops in Kenya
She battled very hard to be granted the right to use this technology in Kenya but the results were outstanding:the genitically modified crops grew with higer yields...

Against strong international criticism she received and still receives, Dr Wambugu is an outspoken advocate for biotechnology...She believes that it would be ridiculous not to use scientific progress to reduce malnutrition and poverty

Realizing that bananas are some of the most important agricultural ressources in Kenya, the African Harvest Biotech Foundation worked on the banana tissue culture project-which aim is to increase the yields of banana crops in Kenya...

She started the AHBF in 2005 with aim to increase the productivity of farmers and to fight poverty..this year she was awarded the YARA Awards which celebrates the best African scientists in Africa..

I fell upon these advices she gave at a university commencement ..I thought it was a great message:

1. Willingness to live in a tent, not a stone house: be flexible
2. Take courage to embrace change
3. It is inevitable to take risks in life
4. Refuse to settle in the comfort zone
5. Never stop acquiring knowledge and skills
6. Don't settle for too little when there is much more inside and outside there for you7. Have a powerful and compelling personal vision and define your mission

Her official website:

Djaa there are some amazing ladies in Kenya:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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