Monday, December 01, 2008


Thomas Sankare was one of Africa greatest leaders,some of you may know abt him and some of you may not, he was the president of Burkina Fasso and was killed 20 years ago through un coup detat organiwed by his friend and actual president Blaise Compaore...while he was alive he fought for his ideals; he increased the number of schools and hospitals,he fought for women rights prohibiting excision,through intensive health programs he decreased the infantile mortality rate ect....He was greatly loved by Burkinabe and respected by world leaders..

As Martin Luther King and now Obama he was a great of his famous speech took plqce in 1986 one year before his death putting to shame former French president Francois Mitterand who was on official visit in Burkina his speech Thomas Sankare expressed the ressentment and pride of our of the most memorable line is :

" Parce que de toutes les races humaines, nous appartenons à celles qui ont le plus souffert, nous nous sommes jurés de ne plus jamais accepter sur la moindre parcelle de cette terre le moindre déni de justice . "

Today Odile Sankara one of his sisters , a comedian and social activists make it her duty to keep her brother memory intact through her cultural caravane...with other artists in 2007 she travelled through the world entertaining and educating people abt her brother

This year she played in Mitterand et Sankara a play abt the famous speech and verbal exchanges btw these 2 great orators...

To learn more abt Odile,
To learn more abt Thomas Sankara:

Djaa we have to remenber our great African Leaders
Eyeee Wayeee!!

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