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The Class, the title in English

The Cast in NY

Real Face of French teenagers..Caucasian Taiwanese Malian Marocan...

The young actors and students
Do you remenber those days in school when you were trying to figure out who you were as a teenager? Do you remenber those kids who were so assertive and weren't afraid to talk back to the picture a classroom full of kids just like that and one teacher who is not giving up on his mission..bound to be volcanic..
Francois the teacher is played by the writer of the novel on which this movie is based-Francois trying as much as he can to get these children of immigrants to get an education
It's not easy for these children who are born in France but issued from conventional cultures 2 have to learn to navigate btw the 2 worlds..
Sometimes they chose to hide behind their verbal agression...
This movie is very courageous because it humanize these teachers shows that they are not perfect and that they have of and on days just like anyone..
For example in one scene one of the teachers expresses his total discouragement in front of the atitude of these students
There are so many social layers adressed in this movie....
  • Immigration
  • Living in the projects
  • relationship teacher/student
  • the gap btw kids born in France and their parents who are immigrants
This past summer it was awarded the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes Festival and picked as the French selection at the upcoming Oscars..
The 24 kids on the movie are now back to school ..with the movie they travel the world and most of them are now thinking about pursuing acting careers...
This gave them the opportunity to experience new things and to show other kids that they are not the only ones facing those issues of integration..
This movie directed by Laurent Catet is witty and honest...

Esmeralda as Ouertani as Sandra

Franck Keita as Souleymane

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