Thursday, July 24, 2008


Teiko you are too pretty sista Machallah!

Teiko is the cover of the Nicolay and Kay

Gorgeous features

Miss Fuzzy attending an Apple event

Send me the phone sis

Pretty in pink and black!

Her pose, hands on the hip now what?!

Attending an event

Pink is ur color sista

Freema is always classy

She knows what works on her and sticks to it

La go:Miss June Sarpong

June and her man

Attending the launch of Tara Smith

Works on her

Miss Tanya King supporting June's launch of her new webbie

Haven't checked on fabulous Teiko Dornor, Freema Agyerma, June Sarpong, the very nice Faustina Fuzzy Agolley who's been very sweet regarding my bloggie, and Tanya King the founder of the MOBO Awards....
As you know June left her tv show and now created a fabulous webbie a la
Sex and City but more abt politics and culture , on that site she has famous british personalities blogging could be interesting to some of you guys....
Teiko was interviewed by the fabulous Ladybrille wuz up sista:)
Faustina has been doin her thing on Australian tv and attending Aussie events.....

Here's June Sarpong webbie:
Miss Teiko's webbie:
Miss Faustina's webbie:
Miss Tanya King's webbie:
Miss Freema's webbie:

Djaaaaa my ladies from Ghana sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeeee Wayeeee:)