Thursday, July 24, 2008


Abayas done the fab way


some of us dont wear the veil but stay modest

One of my abs' favorite mags out there, I've done a post abt it already but u know there's such a lack of empowering yet chic mags for our young Muslim girls out there so I'm over the moon with this publication BRAVO BRAVO!!!!!!!

So they give advices, they let these young minds tell their stories, they have fashion spreads oh yes u can dress fabulous as a Muslim girl veil or not veil it's a personal decision
They talk food, Muslim traditions just allow these young girls to be
Love it

I see on their webbie that they would like to work with schools by adding their publication to the library , that's a fabulous idea if interested email them here :

They also offer training and workshops in the work area....i say work it
Here's their webbie , great gift for a young'un:

Djaa we need to celebrate our faith :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Anonymous said...

some of these deisgns are beautiful and it is inspiring and encouraging to promote modesty like that. alonf these same lines is a blog from a muslim woman who showcases veiled muslims of all ages and walks of life. mashallah is all there is to say. p.s.: i'm a veiled woman too and it's good to know that i can have the best of both worlds, be spiritually connected and be evolving in this world with my ambitions.

Ladybrille said...

I remember teh post you did a while back on them.One of my favorites. I appauld them. African women have a healthy infusion of Christain and Islam values. They should have options that permit them to express who they are comfortably and in a fashionable way. Will check out their site.

Hope you are well. I think you are having the most fun in Senegal!

nneoma said...

the styles here are very lovely and appeal to even the more modest non-Muslim contingent. I like!