Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I saw the soaps @ the National Museum of Mali (by the way great museum) so of course the curious self that I am wanted to find out more abt la Maison du Karite.

It's a project sponsored by the COOPROKASI , a non profit organization that helps around 800 women through their production of shea butter.

On the site, I see that the common goal of these brave women is to increase

their individual profit through their collective efforts, don't we say that it takes an entire village to raise a child.

I know we all think shea butter is shea butter, but no the women of Siby are very clear about this, SIBY Shea Butter is the best , it nourishes ans softens your skin (sounds good to me) you could also use it for cooking purposes, as sunscreen protection and againt burns...

Of course wanted to know who was helping these women, the Canadian Embassy , the FEM/PNUD among other Canadian programs.

La Maison du Karite offers soaps (karite/cucumber, karite/neem,karite/green clay ect...) body creams and body gotta say ladies shea butter is the bomb no matter what else we use, we all need a bit of this old school African remedy....

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my Malian ladies are brave & know the good stuff:)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)


Amina said...

Hey. I love shea butter and did you know that there is also la maison du karite in Dakar?
C'est en face du centre culturel blaise diagne. Je ne sais pas s'ils sont toujours ouverts mais ils ont des produits pas mal. J'aime bien leur creme pour le corps. c'est tres artisanal mais dans le temps ca promettait. J'espere que la qualite est toujours la meme.

i am Africa™ said...

wow, this is kinda cool !