Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Tshila reppin for Uganda:)

The other side of Tshila!

I'm tempted to call her Queen Tshila, with the way she carries herself, her coquin yet proud smile, she has that "femme enfant", "femme soul soldier" vibe about her , with her round cheeks and her cutesy self...

She's a spoken artist,an African hip hop queen, an African reggae carrier of peace messages while writing I'm listening to her song " CA SUFFIT" (it's enough in french) curious to see if this East African singer was going to sing her message in French positively surprised with her cute accent I got her, it's enough with all these injustices...aight Tshila.

She sings in her dialect Luganda, english ... her mum is Ugandan and her dad is Tshiluba okay thus the french connection I get it now....
She studied software engineering and got her degree in 05 before moving back to Uganda......
Her first album is called "Sipping from the Nile"....

Her webbie:

Here's her video "Nambozoo":

Here she is live on concert:

Djaa my Ugandan people sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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