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"Thank you for all the coments and votes , I'm not currently home therefore blogging is a bit challenging however thanks for the support, it's not taken for granted rather appreciated"

Nicholas was born 33 years ago in beautiful Cape Town , he's a proud a Xhosa who through his work deals with the social issues of self acceptance, gender, political belonging,
sexual preferences... a lot of heavy stuff!!!

His work has been showcased all over the world from Cape Town to Rome and to finally be part of the Flow exhibit at the Studio Museum in Harlem which focused on artist from our continent.

His work is quite interesting one of the pieces called "Ungamqhawuli " he uses his own body as part of the piece, he's covered with lace, hair extensions he's laying on what seems 2 be a hospital bed .. looking it it looks like a human body that's been opened ...Interesting, I don't understand all his pieces but it's brilliant to see a talented brotha sharing interestingly his perspective on society and life.

One of his goals as an artist is:
"I want to help artists engage and write 'our' (translated to me as largely black but also South African) arts heritage and then 'we' won't be complaining."

I found this portrait of the artist quite interesting:
For those of you living in NY, or planning to check out the art scene here is the Studio Museum 's webbie:
Djaa my people from South Africa sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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