Monday, July 28, 2008


That's my type of African Shero, go girl keep bringing the truth!

Jehaine talking it out at a panel!

Jehaine at a brunch with fellow female directors!

I took a little bit of time trying to understand the work of this passionate woman ...

I gotta say her work and the subject of one her documentaries was so interesting that I wanted to keep digging and digging

Jehaine,pretty name by the way was born in Egypt before settling in the States wither family.

While attending Harvard Uni at first with the honorable goal of being a doctor while taking a filmaking class she fell in love with the art of creating visual stories..that's to me the beauty of Western freedom she followed her gust and today she's a very respected docs director....

not only that her vision allowed people in the entire world to all be connected for one day that she called the Pangea Day in fact last may 10th 08,how did she do it simply and not so simply by winning the TED Award in 2006 which granted her 100 000 dollars.

It's amazing to me how one person can believe in a project and get thousands of others to do the same.

Jehaine is also known for her documentary called Control Room, the intent of that doc is to open the global mind but in particular the American people to understanding the struggles of others; there's not one absolute truth...

She convinced the staff of the television chanel Al Jazeera based in Qatar what's interesting to know is that at the beg it was a government founded tv station but as time went on they wanted and became independent in order to stay true to their professions of journalists..

As you can imagine in the Arabic world that came with a price, for exple these dedicated journalists are baned from entering the Holy city of Mecca , in most Arabic countries their chanel is prohibited ...I really have respect for these people.

Jehane also directed before Control Room another doc called in which she documentated the start up of an started by her roomie at the time....
This woman is def' heavy and she'll stay in my radar that's for sure....

Here's a great interview concerning the making of Control Room:
Here's the TED official webbie:
Here's the Pangea Day webbie:
Here's her video explanation on why the need of PANDEA DAY:
Here's the Control Room trailer:
More importantly give it up to the Al Jazeera team:

Djaa my Egyptian sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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