Sunday, July 20, 2008


This was one of my fav' performances of hers

Miss Comfort!
Very talented group of dancers I gotta say

Very agreable personality on tv

Yep u gotta step out of your comfort zone on this show!

I'm a hugeeee SYTYCD's fan so thanks to youtube I've been able to follow the competition every week, I've been able to see miss Comfort evolve on the show..when they were casting for the show, Nigel (yes Nigel lol for those who follow the show) who's the executive producer of the show called the "best female hip hop dancer" he's ever seen on the show..true Comfort has mad energy for real for real as she likes to say, she's petite very cute with her braces and just is passionate about her craft..the competition hasn't been easy for the 20 year old African dancer btw the waltz, the salsa , the jive ,ect.... it's been quite an interesting plate of food for her but she's been eating it all up.
She was eliminated but brought back when one of the contestants suffered from an injury, and she brought the house down with her hip hop number paired with the charismatic Twitch... A little bit about Comfort, she's a popper, she's had formal dance training, she's into music, rap and also enjoys painting ect...
She gets bored easily therefore is always busy doing something, she enjoys dance street battles...
Anywhoo if you would like to know more about her , here's SYTCD's webbie:
Here's Comfort doing her solo piece:
Here's her hip hop number with Twitch:
Here's another Comfort solo:
Comfort trying the Waltz:

Djaa my sistas from Nigeria sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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Helena at ROOM&serve said...

Love your blog, I got stuck here for 30 minutes just enjoying the pictures and your writing.

Keep up the good work.

Helena from Sweden