Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I'm always curious and excited when I see an African sista applying an universal concept after her obtention of a degree from one of the best professional hair school, Farida went on to work in what we would call " high end hair salons" ,seeing the lack of professional help for women with curly hair , she decided to open her hair salon in one of our fav' areas in Paris : Chatelet..

I guess there's 1 notion floating around that it's easy to take care of curly hair , trust us nappy sistas can say hell to the no lol, so with a team of experts Farida came up the perfect products to strengthen our hair under the name Hydrasublim so of course there's the conditioner, the shampoe,a mask for which I think she received an award, a creme for those of you who use a lot of heat which prevents your hair from breaking,and a daily serum, matter of fact she says on her site that if there's one daily action she would recomend it would be to use the serum..don' t know y'all but I'm curious about this line....
She explained on her site that people think that people with naturally curly have it Also important to say that the products are made of extracts of oil Mongongo & Karanja&Carthame ...very nourishing combination ......

Her webbie is quite interractive with advices, quizzes ...some cool stuff!
You can find her line at Casino, Carrefour, Lecrec, Monoprix....

Salon Farida B
1er étage10 rue Grignan13001
Tél. : 04 91 04 65 73

Salon Farida B
44 cours Gambetta69007 Lyon
Tél. : 04 72 73 02 37

Salon Farida B
2 rue du docteur Calmette92110 Clichy
Tél. : 01 57 64 18 74

On her webbie, you can find some more info :

Djaa my North African sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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Amina said...

I'd love to try her products.
Divas Magazine always advertised her products...