Thursday, July 24, 2008


U truly learn something new each day, I had honestly never heard of this pitoresque litte town located in the Northen part of Tunisia but someone (word up londonboy) just came back from his trip there and shared the pictures with me and I wanted to know more and more about it....
I gather through research that before the village was named Sidi Bou Said after a well known Muslim leader, Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji , its former name was Jabal el-Menar .

Sibi Bou Said exists since the 12th century and its people have been credited with trying really hard to keep the authenticity of the village....Now why is the town painted blue and white?
It is said that when the Baron Rodolphe Von Erlanger occupied Sibi he asked for everything to be painted blue and white

The architecture has many influences with the various people of the world who lived there, of course Arabic but also Greek , and Turkish..

People describe it as being beautiful with the uniforme colors, the blooming flowers, the market , its artsy feel with the famous Ecole de Tunis :art school, the cafes among them le Cafe des Nattes
also the Lighthouse that's dated back to the 9th century...

Video presentation of Sibi Bou Said:

Djaa we have some fabulous historic spots to hit in Afrika:)
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Fafa said...

Yaye! Frankly Sidi Bou Said is one of my fave place's extremely charming and although you get an idea (thanks to the posted pics) of how beautiful the place is, it's nothing compared to what it's like in real.Good job posting about this jewel!

La PETITE Blogger :) said...

Sidi Bou looks AMAZING... I'm planning a holiday soon and it's definately on my list now!
LPB xx