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Eva and Rania the Queen of Jordan at Times 100 Most Influencal People of the World, 2006

Zawadi & her mum

-How would you react if after birth you learn that your child will have to deal with cerebral palsy for life?

-How would you react if you were to know that this would be a condition which won't allow your child to experience life the same way others do?

I know that I would be devasted...Eva felt the same way when her second daughther Zawadi (which means gift= very appropriate 2 the situation) was born with the medical condition called cerebral palsy Kids are usually born w/that condition even though it's only detected a few months or in the early years.It slows their muscles movements..ect (pretty serious)

In Eva's case it is believed that the hospital failed to discover on time that the baby was getting strangled by the umbilical cord...

6 months after she was born, Eva learned the fate of her child. At first it was very difficult for her and her late hubby Mike to get used to the proper care required for children suffering form such conditions.

In the early stages she hired personal care, but later on learned to not freak out too quickly and to accept this situation and take a moment to learn the message she was sent by God.

She feels that this taught how to be a better human being, tolerate differences and actually use her story to teach the minds of people who many not be tolerant. She created the yearly Mike Muraya Memorial Squash Tournament which help raise money for children w/special needs.

After the death of her husband,she's now a single mother of 2 and would love to give a father figure to her children but in God's timing.

To learn more about cerebral palsy, click on the following:

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