Monday, February 05, 2007


Myriam Mihindou


Myriam in front of an exposition of her work in Bamako

" Dechougage"


When you look @ her face it' s hard to believe that it's the same woman who take such strong pictures.

She defines herself as a sculptor and photograph, which could maybe justify the union between the sensibility & the strength not 2 say violence that these pics inspire....

She was born in Libreville (word up my Gabonese people) in 1964..spent time travelling around the world and curently resides in Marocco.

Her work is internationaly known, and she exposed her work all throughout Africa and Europe.
I honestly kinda find it hard to define her work, she explains her inspiration behind her
photographs of her own hands*(look above)

As a sculptor she binds her hands (waouh) until the tension in her hand is at limit and she then photographs that moment.....

Mmm that's deep she also explains that she doesn't feel need to give further definitions of her work should speak for itself...!!

Mmm I still have to get familiar w/her work but I find it troubling and interesting...
She's def' worthy t knowing...

Here's an article about her for those who are familiar with the language of Moliere:

Djaa les Gabonaises sont deep hein:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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