Thursday, February 22, 2007


I really wanted to post this pic..because it really kinda shows some of the reality from home when people are so poor , adults even and sometimes run after the cars to get some type of hope in the form of either money or a touch, a smile...

Mrs Diallo & Her people...

Mrs Diallo

Waving to the people to whom she's giving hope

It had to happen..someone had to be strong enough to stop this unreasonable leader of Lansana Conte.

But who could have predicted that the voice of reason would have came from a Woman who started her career as an administrative secretary to be today 1 of the top leaders(General Secretary) & the face of the GuineanWorkforce Union .

As most of you may know already, Guinea is going through rough political times, w/at least 100 civil deaths...the people of Guinea are fed up w/the regime of Lansane Conte and want him simple as that..!!!

The salaries are meagre, the cost of living, the cost of transportation are terribly high for a poor population that can't handle it financially...well you know how it goes...


Okay well Mrs Diallo is making her duty to stand up and to say "TROP C'EST TROP"

Last month, her and members of her union went on a marche which turned violent, w/police throwing tear gas at them, their headquarters attacked .....

Whatever the case, despite Mr. Conte words to her"I never lost a war"
Mrs Diallo is still standing what for her people and for what she deems right..and she is...right!

It's also important 2 note that even during her in January strike, she and the members of her union had decided to accomodate the pilgrims as well as accomodate people who need medical services...(I really wanted people to realise that she's not unreasonable)

Of course she's received threats..of course and pressure from her family not to be such a visible target...
Here's an iterview of her after the violent incident w/the police:

Djaa les Femmes de la Guinee sont des Femmes Forte:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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