Monday, February 05, 2007


Beautiful isn't it?!!

Cutesy like my gal Maria would

"Dinette"20 euros

"Masai",20 euros

My fav' "le marriage de Kadija",25 euros

tablecoth african inspired, 30 euros

Love It..Love It!!

Love 2 see ingenious people such as Veronique Janvier using African designs in their creations.
She has 1 collection of plates, tea-cups, tablecloth w/African inspired designs called Naaj.

It's a bit pricey I think but if that can make you feel better, all items are hand painted....and 1 of a kind.

Here's the webbie where you can find the items:

Djaa our culture can inspire beautiful tableware:)
Eyee Wayee:)


coconut said...

love it too
oh non jen veux !!

Groovylady ;)

Africainement said... 222:)