Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Saran from Guinea

Shee, African-American sista

Mia, reppin for Somalia

Maria reppin for India

It's that day again...Feb' 14th 07= V .Day
Back in the days in Dakar it was the holiday not to be missed, between the VDay Cards from Patsy (my Dkr peeps will remenber), the teddy bears and the flowers.......

So I decided to ask couple of people that I know now btw 21-early thirties what they thought of this holiday and here are some colorful answers from some very interesting ladizz.

Saran reppin for Guinea will do us the honors, becos she's always on time Ja Rule says!!(what ?? don't be jealous... she's always 1st...)

"People usually like to say: “Why does one need Valentine’s day to celebrate love…Why one specific date? Valentine’s Day should be every day!”.
Well I simply think that sometimes we are way too busy to acknowledge our friends, family or significant other. To me, this day just makes us stop and think of everything we have and be grateful. We celebrate love to the fullest on that day. Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean you have a free pass to neglect the people you love every other day of the year J. It’s just fun to have a holiday to look forward to.
I am not a very difficult person to please so the perfect Valentines Day for me would just be having someone be creative. I don’t really need all those expensive things and blabla…just something that makes me feel special, something that shows me that you put some thought into the process and did not just pounce on the first shiny thing you saw in a store J koike…LOL just kidding!"

Sheeva , African American sista 27 years old

"I think that Valentine's Day can be overrated but it is what you make it, you can have the perfect flowers, the perfect chocolate, the perfect dinner, the perfect night, but if its not with that perfect someone everything on Feb 14 will be forgotten on the 15 or you can have ok chocolate, have dinner at a C+ restaurant, and the nighT cold and rainy but if it was spent with that perfect someone and it would be remembered for a lifetime.

I personally enjoy Valentine's Day even if it's by myself ;everybody tend to get all worked up and it becomes a waste of time and money ...blah blah blah. It probably is too commercialized but now...Its a day reserved to share the gift of love ......whatever the case i believe in Valentine's D. because I believe in love whether its me being loved or not ...."

Diaba from Mali , reppin all the way in Paris

"I believe Valentine's D. should be 365 days of the year and no only on FEB 14. It is too commercialized for me. The people of the world spend a lot of money, like expensive gifts, famous chocolatE and flower because of the tv, radio, newpaper talk about tha day, why?
Some people don't have money to buy something for their girlfriends or boyfriends. Valentine's day should be used to celebrate LOVE every day.
Something that makes him or her feel special like writting an song, an poem etc... I think the most important thing is to give a lot of love to human beings because the vision of the world is at its worst. "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" to everybody

Tina from India
"Happy vday...i think its more of a holiday that is vintage but ppl still celebrate it..."

Samia from Somalia
"Ma, are so funny
Well, let see, do i believe in Valentine's D?....That depends on the kind of man you have, in my opinion, I believe every day should be Valentine's D for a true love. But if the man is cocky and unromantic, then I probably wouldn't look forward to Valentine's D. because the morron would have 2 have someone else remind him to be romantic...God isn't that bad?
I hope I answered your question...take care...and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"

Maria from India,
"Ah yes...Happy Valentines Day ladies..each an everyone of you deserves a day filled with love, joy,respect happiness (and wet snow rain for NYers!)LOL!!Sometimes we forget to treat the ones we love who arealways there for us...this day just reminds us-to takesome time, reflect this one day of the year-lookaround, and spread some love!! Whether its a flashy gift, or just a cup of coffee-its the thought that counts!!!My ideal Valentines day--hmmm.....It's tough...I guess I'm still waiting for it to happen!! But here it goes...Iwould love for my man to cook me some dinner at home(and does the dishes when done!), some nice wine,chocolate covered strawberries...while we watch a niceromantico Spanish guys get the rest of the picture!! LOL!!!!! Happy Valentines!!!"

Sending my love to Everyone......

Djaa World People Love ,Love don't they:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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