Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Ohhhhh ndeysane you can tell that he's crazy 'bout her

Emanuel sharing his story

In 1998, when they first met, Veronica wearing the white dress, and Emanuel is on the right

For those who live in the States be sure to watch Oprah today...

Today's show will feature the beautiful love story 2 of our Sudanese people;
Emanuel & Victoria..

They met during the war in a refugee camp in Kenya, it was love at first sight for Emanuel.
Being the "slick" African guy that he is, he asked a photographer who was present in the camp to take a pic of him and Veronica.

He said that something inside of him, told him to keep that picture..

This was in in 2001 after Emanuel escaped w/barely nothing to America, one winter while visiting a friend in Canada...what was he his surprise and his joy to find Veronica at church..

They ran into each other's arms...and reunited (yes ohhhhhh and ahhhhhh)
And when he showed her the picture he kept for 6 years she burst into tears...
Well the rest became history, they started dating long distance...and he finally proposed but was asked in dowry from her family 68 cows=$ 12,000....(chetetetetete...why is it that our families ask so much....tieuye)
Anywhoo w/American friends , they started the tee-shirt fundraiser "Got Cattle" (only in the USA bb) anywhoo they went on to collect $15,000...
Emanuel& Veronica got married last July 2006 are now pregnant....

I wish them the best, you can tell that they are so in love
May God Bless Them....!!

Djaa Sudanese Men love hard hun:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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