Friday, February 23, 2007


Nha Fala

Flora Gomes
Beautiful use of colors in the movie

Looks like fun hun:)

One of my favourite African actress Fatou Ndiaye plays in this movie by Mr .Gomes from Guinea Equatorial, he's part of that school of African intelectuals/artists who made it their goal in life to represent Africa in a better light.

He started his professional career as a journalist for the government before directing towards the end of the seventies couple of short movies. In 1988 he directed the memorable piece "Mortu Nega" in which he talks about the fight for Independence for Guinea equatorial.

He's also remenbered for his movie,"Les Yeux Bleu de Yonta"on which the focus is on 3 individuals living in Guinea post/independence follows their lives, hope, and deceptions.

In most of his work he tends to accentuate his sense of patriotism; however in last one

Nha Fala he takes a comedic approach. This piece follows the journey of a young woman who was forbidden by family traditions to sing otherwise she would surely die, well you know we are young women hard-headed , she goes to Paris falls in love and

Anywhoo seems fun, haven't seen it yet but given the chance I will.

Djaa les gens de Guinee Equatorial sont dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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