Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Amazone of Burkina Fasso in her jeans 'xuse me (tres bien)

Her son Athlete/Business student @ T.TU

Mrs Kabore

When I see Mrs Henriette Kabore she reminds me of 1 of those aunties from home who are fierce, always dressed to the T, and sooo about their business...

I can't help but respect women like Mrs Kabore who have been able to install respect and towards her in a male -dominated field.

Mrs Kabore has been with the company BTM in Burkina Fasso for over 11 years, she's been the director of that company which focuses on construction work (it's actually the No. 1 construction comapny of that part of the world)

They are responsible for the construction of the 2 biggest amphiteaters in BF (among other things).

This dynamic lady of 46 years old, has also been appointed honorary consul of South Corea in BF ; her responsabilities include, being the bridge bw/the Corean immigrants and the people of the Fasso...

As if this was not enough she's also a consular member of the Chamber of Commerce ....
I'm telling y'all she's the real deal...

Following his mother's footsteps, her son Francis Kabore is an athlete studying Business at Tenesse T.U (be advised ladizz come correct he had his mum as

Djaa il y'a des Grandes Dames au Burkina Fasso:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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gledwood said...

Burkina Fasso: that is one of those countries I've always wondered about. Where precisely it IS as much as anything.

This is an intriguing blog you've got here. I do one too: - why don't you drop by? You're most welcome to come have a gander. It is pretty different from yours though....

Anyway here's wishing you all the best