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Mobilizing girls to fulfill their potential

Yes there are still some selfless courageous women of integrity in this world. Betty Makoni experienced tragedy at a young age: she was raped at the delicate age of 6 years old, as a child she witnessed the murder of her mother by her own father the one person who was supposed to protect them but no.....

This fabulafricana turned all these traumatizing experiences into something positive by choosing to help other little Zimbabwean girls. Betty understood quite early in her life that getting a great education was the key to freedom, so she embarked in the teaching voyage. While teaching she was saddened by the terrible treatment that these little girls were living at home, so in 1998 she decided to create her first "Girl Child Network" in 1998 with just 9 little girls, today her organization counts over 30,000 members and 500 clubs.
I was watching the documentary on her work entitled "Tapistries of Hope" and I was touched by this little girl who atempted to kill herself after having been raped and rejected by her family. Betty doesn't just lead the organization but she doesn't balk at travelling long distances to villages to talk to the parents of these children. In one scene she's seen with a police officer talking to the father of that young girl in particular, explaining the consequences of his actions and asking the permission of taking with her the little girl.
But that little girl is not the only lucky person Betty and the workers at her organization have been helping. Among all these beautiful girls is a brave girl by the name of Taremeredwa who's been suffering from a facial tumor. She lost her grinding teeth at 11, a few years later her face got swollen and deformed...mmm man it's hard for me to talk about this young breaks my heart but anywhoo..through the Girl Child Network she's been able to go the UK this past year to receive treatment. She still needs to receive monetary funds in order to pay for her hospital bills..
Betty also intends with the help of UK funding to open other chapters in other African countries starting with Uganda.
I admire her work and def' think that she deserves being recognized by the CNN Heroes Award this year, she absolutely inspires me to keep closer attention to my environment , to think that a good education is not only a right but also a privilege in these times.
Here's the official website:
If you like to follow the journet of Tare, check the organization's blog:
You can also follow her part of her journey through this video, HERE
You can watch the documentary, HERE

Djaa there are some real fabulafricanas in Zimbabwea:)
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Ah that's such good news! More power to her!

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Congrats to her.

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