Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One of my fav' pics of her, because her confidence shines through

Gabby all dressed up for the Cannes Festival

Gabby doing the "relax yet sexy" style for Dave Letterman

Gabby and her mama at one of the many premieres

Gabby doing the black & silver style

Gabby receiving the New Hollywod Award from Oscar nominated Tara J Henson

Gabby w/Sapphire the author of the book, and Lee Daniels the director of the movie

Work it out sista

Looking beautiful

Gabby & Latifah

Gabby & the Thicke

Gabby & Mo'nique

Gabby at the Glamour Awards this past week

Gabby & her mentor Lee Daniels

If Oprah likes it, America likes it

Beautiful color on her

Nice dress

" I am just a random girl from Harlem"

said Gabby when she received the New Hollywood Award, well not anymore..

Gabourey Sidibe who is half American on her mother side and Senegalese on her father's side plays the role of an obese illiterate abused young girl of the age of 16 called Precious. Mo'nique plays the role of her monstruous mother Mary who both abuses her verbally and mollests her. As if that was not enough for a young girl , her father also rapes her and even manages to impregnate her twice.

Very raw script based on "Push " the novel written by american author Sapphire. There are several noted celebrities playing in this movie: Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Paula Patton..ect

but her performance is said to outstanding

Gabby and Sidibe are rumored to probably receive Oscar nominations for their roles in this movie directed by Lee Daniels.

Gabby was chosen after 350 girls auditioned, she never ever pictured herself being an actress rather thought she would pursue a degree in psychology,but in my eyes there's no accident Gabby was born to play Precious.

Everything she's lived in her personal life, the beautiful body frame she's living in, the people she met in her life, the way people treated her in personal life probably shaped her to embody this character with a lot of warmth.

I think that the reason why this movie resonates so much with people, is that everyone can see themselves in it, for example the majority of people who are in some ways racist towards obese people as Lee Daniels describes himself can face their own prejudice their own shame and change it to something more positive. Young obese girls who are dealing with rejection daily can also see in Precious hope.

Parents who are too weak and too caught up in their own"s.." to treat their children as their own blood can see the consequences of their actions on their own kin. Young kids who are ashamed of being illiterate can also see hope in Precious.

I def' hope to catch this movie soon on one those internet sites lol (hey im dakar what do u want me to do)

Congrats to miss Gabby, wanted to also salute her intelligence, the beautiful and proud way she carries herself through this process..it's def' been a "hella" of a year for this young lady between movie premieres, Q&A's, interviews, the public scrunity, ect, the Oscar buzz ..you def' have to know who you are in that exciting environment.

Keep your eyes open for her, she's also set to play in the upcoming 2010 Tyler Perry movie called "What would you do".

Here's Gabourey dancing and having fun on Ellen , HERE

Here's another good interview of miss Sidibe, HERE

Here's of course the official trailer, HERE

Djaaa our African /American sistas are doing their thang in Hollywood:)

Eyeee Waye:)


nneoma said...

didn't know she was half-senegalese. i hope she goes far with her new career!

Divalocity said...

I knew that the Senegalese connection was some where. I kept saying that her name is Senegalese and the more I read, there was no mention of her background other than that she was from New York. I hear she has two new movies after this one and I wish her well.

Mrembo said...

I knew she was African or had an african connection, with her name and all. I have been following her on the net and it has been intresting to read bloggers say how surprised they are at how happy, witty and intelligent she is.

That had me thinking that she must have played the role to the "T" because people seem to think she was playing herself.

lol at the comment about waiting for it to come to the internet. I am like you cause I know it is not coming to the cinema in this part of Europe.

One last time I must rave about how fantastic your site is. You really show case the beauty of AFrica from North to South and East to West. If there is such an award, I am nominating you for "Best African Arts and Culture Blog"