Monday, November 09, 2009


Courtesy of Joan Marcus
Saidah Ekulona as Mama Nandi

Courtesy of Joan Marcus

Courtesy of Joan Marcus

Courtesy of Joan Marcus

Condola Rashad and our tv mum, Phylicia Rashad
Part of the cast

Sometimes I miss New York, I miss being able to attend plays and other artisitc events, it's sad to say that very often "'the african scene " happens in the West but Inch'Allah one day it will start in our continent..

Ruined is one of those plays I would love to see, it's written by Pullitzer prize winner Lynn Nottage who went to Uganda to meet some of these war refugee women from Congo.
The play centers around the character of Mama Nandi a war survivor and bar owner who uses female young war victims ; one of them Salima was gang raped for a few months and rejected by her husband, another Sophie is so physically damaged and ill that the only thing she can do to support herself within that environment is to sing for the soldiers.

Mama Nandi the bar owner and "pimp'" is played by Saidah Arrika Ekulona, her role is difficult because she is both a victim of war a survivor and an abuser. She wants to survive and will do at all cost even if it means exploiting these young girls. At the same time she gives them a roof, security, food and is capable of compassion.
Condola Rashad (the daugther of our fav tv mum -Phylicial Rashad) , Quincy Bernstine, Russel Gebert Jones, Cherise Booth, Chike Johnson and so many other talented theater actors pay homage to the suffering, the courage, and determination of these congolese women..
You can see a clip of the show, HERE

Djaa we need to see more plays illustrating our courage as african women:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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