Monday, November 09, 2009


La jolie go
She reminds of Ciara for some reason

For once I can talk about a real modern soul sanger that actually really touches me.. ahhh it was about time, I know a lot of soul R&B african/french female artists but there was no one until miss Awa that blew my mind..this girl can singgggggg
A lot of times french lyrics and R&B don't mix very well in my opinion, it seems as if it's not natural..they oversing or undersing it..
Her manager was absolutely right to encourage her to join a prestigious french gospel choir"We are one", those sessions def' paid off. Not only that she was able to network withYanick Noah , Corneille and many more..
Awa Imani is Senegalo/Guinean, her parents are both into the arts, her dad is a Guinean singer and her mum a, dancer/actor/choreographer.
As a young'un Awa Imani took african dance classes, hip hop ect, vocal classes, today she's ready to fly solo..I see big things for this beautiful, gorgeous young lady...:)
If she looks and sounds familiar it may be because you may have heard along the sides of Dizziz la Peste, Awilo Longomba, 113 ect, Kerry James...

Here's a cool interview of the sista, HERE
You can see her with Awilo Longomba , HERE
You can also see her with Djamel and 113, HERE
Si tu dois partir(audio video), HERE

Djaa my Senegalo/Guinean sistas don't play:)
Eyee Waye:)

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