Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Aurelie, Felix & Khalil

Tismee in urban french language means mixed, I'm sure Aurelie could relate to one of the lead roles she's playing in the show since she is half French and half Guinean.

This talented actress and singer plays along the side of Felix Sabal Leco and Khalil Maoune in this show. It's
about that eternal question of dual identity , the marriage between the western world and mama Africa. Aurelie plays the role of a young woman who returns to her father's african homecountry where she encounters discrimination, rejection, confusion. During that journey she encounters the 2 characters played by Felix and Khalil who help her find some of the answers she's been looking for regarding her identity.
For those of you living in France rush, rush the play ends its run on November 21st at Theatre la Reine Blanche.
In other news Aurelie is hard at work on a new album, will keep you posted:)

Here a few useful links: (the theater where it's playing) (Aurelie's official site) (the show's official page)
Watch a clip of the show , HERE
Here's Mama Africa by the cast of Tismee , HERE

I have to add that after watching the clip and hearing the music , I def' wish I could see the go go go my Fabulafricanas in France

Djaa les gos de Guinee sont dedans :)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Naylaah said...

I recommend it, I went there last week and this is an amazing Musical!