Monday, November 09, 2009


Miss Iliona Blanc

Rockeuse en sucre

Angelic la chipie?

Love a girl who's not afraid to say that she likes pink , that yes she has dieted for a man once in her life, love a girl who says '"t''es pas beau"= u ain't cute", "ur feet stink" lol basically someone who's not afraid to say in her lyrics some of the things we've all a very sweet tone though lol
Iliona is a proud member of the chipiemania (I didn't say it , she did lol) chipie is a cute word in french which means there u go.. While she was in college she taught herself how to use a guitar, she's a classically trained pianist, she took dance classes in LA, (I see a lot of emphasis on that by french journaliststs lol) she writes her own songs..

I like her music it's cheesy, it's cute, her lyrics are things I can relate to on those days when I don't want to care about what's politcally correct lol, she's a "femme/enfant"a "child /woman"' and a lot of women I know are like would be interesting to see how as she evolves as a woman, her image, her music and lyrics will evolve..def'curious about that:)
Maxime Leforestier, one of france's greatest songwriter and singer invited her to play with her during his french see lyrics about cake, ugly boyfriends, cheating men can def'get you somewhere lol...non seriously I like her music it's light and fun:)

Here's her webbie:
Here's a cool interview, HERE
U can view the video for""Tes pas bo", HERE

Djaa les gos du Gabon sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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