Monday, November 09, 2009


Yemi Awisole

Is there one thing we fabulafricana women can't do kayaaaa:) loves it..

Miss Yemi Awisole is just 24 years old, yep just 24 years old...

She's already been seriously noticed and noted by her peers and professionals within her


She attended the London Royal College of art where she received a travel bursary which allowed

her to go all the way to Portugal to learn more about cork production. In fact Yemi bases most of

her current work on cork , she has produced upholstery fabric for interior design.
While in Portugal, Yemi networked her way to meet aclaimed portuguese designer Anna Mestre, the organizer of the Dutch design cork event, of course she was one of the winners.
I admire Yemi's drive , it takes her places. For example when she came back to London, after

she completed her Master's ,the school offered her fellowship as the Royal College of art's first

ever material research fellow...

In the futre she would like to set up a cork working studio in order to bring more interest to it in London..

I'm amazed that at such a young age, she's done so much and knows where she wants to go..u go

girl, work it:)
Here's her webbie:www.

Djaa our Naija sistas don't play:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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