Tuesday, May 15, 2007


*** Feelin my gal Oumou..if you don't know her plizz do som' about it:)

Hey la jolie go....for Brian Reyes fall 07!

Miss Hawa for Reyes 07 once again!

Love this outfit...Hawa for Naum fall 07!

Nice make-up ...on Hawa!

Hawa D. for Vena Caba, fall 07!


I am so happy to see that 1 of my fav' African models chicks is getting more and more work and props in the High Fashion Industry...I had no doubt because to me Hawa is 1 of the most beautiful women I know..don't get me wrong I don't necessarly believe that you have 2 be Barby pretty to be a model but Hawa is just drop dead gorgeous and has so much grace to her...

Yes I am a fan...lol

Remenber her name my people..HAWA DIAWARA:)

Djaa my Malian Women are burnin'
Eyee Wayeee:)

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