Friday, May 25, 2007


Aight so I've had the honour of interviewing a Multicultural brotha from the motherland!!!...
Multicultural yes!!!..The brotha was born in Guinea,lived in Senegal..Marocco,...ect...

He's a happily married brotha , father to beautiful son, and working in the broadcasting industry in France and all of that at 30!!. ...
*He's ambitious while still being simple and humble
*Fierce rocking his own stylo not confirming himself to the Zara or "Banana de la Republique look"
* Into arts & elevating his mind....

Let me stop here I'm not gonna tell you everything about him....


1-How would you define yourself as an African Man?
As someone with profound cultural backgrounds,.... as someone simply different!!!

2- How would you define yourself as a Senegalese Man particularly?
I do not define myself as Senegalese man rather as an African man with all what it means to me !
3- How would you define yourself as an African man living in the western world?
As a US soldier in Irak...... no choice but to survive!

4- What are some African Core Values your parents taught you? Furthemore being
hat u are a proud dada so what african values u find trully important to teach your children?
Love,Tolerance, respect, pride and patience.

5-If I say thiouraye...what comes to your mind?
Senegal, bin bin! All those sisters beauty & love secrets.

6-What do u miss the most of about your land?
The people, because the land itself.... without the people means nothing to me!

7- if I say Dakar...what comes up to your mind?
Gorée, with all the meanings that this place has: suffering, despair, beauty…
the beach, friends!!!
8- Do you feel that we are represented in the international media in a positive light?What efforts need to be made?
I believe that we Africans should present the News in a positive way, and I also believe that the time will come for that.I work in a TV company, and when I see a sister from Guinea presenting the news better than anybody else, it makes me proud and confident in the future, only if WE believe in ourselves and join hands to make our own circle.

9- It's my feeling that the Younger African Generations seem to be more liberated than us , would you agree with that statement? why?
NO I do not agree, I believe that they are more and more stupid, they tend to forget their origins and get too much into European, American values..The ones you are talking about are a minority, like u, me and some others!!

10- As an African man what's the best lesson your mum or father taught you in your dealing w/a women?

11- What do you respect the most about your fellow African Brothas?

12-Who are Famous African People u admire or respect the most?
I admire Alpha Blondy!
I Respect Nelson Mandela…

I mostly respect and admire each and everyone who puts his blackness in front without fuss, people who respect and admire themselves, LIKE you!

13- What african countries have u visited? Which ones would you want to visit?
I was born in Guinea, I grew up in Senegal, lived in Morocco, worked in Mauritania travelled to The Gambia, and I’d love to walk the entire continent!

14- Do u buy a lot of african made products and if so which ones?
I love art, most of my friends are artist so I buy stuff from them, clothing, paints, batiks, music…also I buy African food (I cook!), shea butter, palm oil…I am glad God made me black !!

15-Who are your fav' african artists?
Music It’s gonna be hard answering this question, I like most of them, Ali Farka Toure, Fela, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Naas Al Ghiwane, Ismael Lo, Bembeya Jazz, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Sekouba Bambino…and the young generation, I like all African musicians who make REAL music from their soul! And my favorite music is Reggae but as you see, every sound from the jungle is my favorite music.
16- Do u feel that we as african people enjoy the arts enough, museum, photography ect?How shall we go about it?
We have souls!! So we enjoy what is beautiful! But for most of us, it’s not part of our everyday issues to go to the museum. From the African perspective, peace and enough food on the table is the priority, it does not mean that we do not have the art value. I think there’s gonna be more and more African artists and that they will be the best in what they do, as long as “them belly full”!

17- As an African man do u feel that your fellow brothas are too macho in their dealing with women? Why aren't you guys more prone to showing your emotions? Would that ever change?
I think it’s not that we are macho, talking about real Africans, not African-American born “Africans”! , it’s just the weight of traditions of not being extravagant that do not fit in nowadays societies, but I believe that we all are not the same. Some of us show more or less their emotions to sisters in our African way, and also you sisters tend too much to act like white chicks and also to want your men to act like white men.
We are what we are ...and you sisters know it’s REAL (talking about what I know, there may be cases). I think the question should be reversed,... When would our African sisters stop acting like Paris Hilton and act like REAL AFRICAN QUEENS?

18-What do u do, what are your aspirations?
I am a Traffic Manager in a Media Company, I manage advertisement on TV and Web for an International News Channel. My aspirations are to live a descent life, take care of my little family, enjoy life and die !

19-In your own way how do u see yourself bringing help towards our continent?
I think that self-reliance is the future of our continent, we Africans should make our own future! I believe also that it starts in the mind. I would love to bring awareness through the media about international politics, governance, geostrategic to our African leaders who seem not to understand what is going on in the world.

20-Being that u were immersed in politics, does it make u wanna be a politician? How do u feel about politics?
I think politics are a good way of influencing people, the thing is that one has to be a good influence, I have not seen that politician yet. I do not like our African way of doing politricks, the European is not better and the American is not better too. You said POLITRICKS?? I say no no no!!

21-What are 3 things u can't leave without?
Music, friends and family.

22-What's your fav' african meal?
SUPUKANJA (I made a t-shirt with this word!!)
23-How do u feel about African women? Do u think that we tend to be too materialistic?
No I do not think that, I think you tend to forget your queendom, your pride and your love and start acting like the people behind the TVs want you to act so you can buy the cosmetics, the bags, the shoes, the fake hair…all that shitty stuff you buy when you go “shopping”. I think you should be more realistic and proud of your nappy hair, color and so on.

24-Do u think that there's enough union amoung us Young African, or are we too separated?
There was a separation, but we are getting closer to each other, sharing our thoughts and stuff…time will come, time will come!

Do u have friends from various African Countries?
Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Angola, Sieera Leone,Ivory Coast….and more !

25-Who's your fav' African Designer?
I like what Alfadi used to do, but I am not a "designer kinda person".

26-Who impresses you african wise?
Amadou Hampate Bah

27-How do u feel about the surge of quick marriages and divorces in our continent?
It’s all linked to the globalization, TV…you know what I think!

28-Who's your fav' african writter and why?
WOW! This is tough question, I’d say OUsmane Sembene AND Hampate Bah, can’t be the one without the other! The way the depict our society, I think all Africans who tend to forget who they are should read about their origins, it starts in the mind!

29-when did u realize that you were african and proud of it..think of a decisive moment in your life?
The first time I faced racism. I felt like superman when he discovered he’s got superpowers!
30-Can u tell me a bit about Sabador Production?
Wooow, Sabador has been always part of me, I love art and most of my friends are artists, that’s how I thought about creating something to promote what I like and at the same time try to help my friends. Right now I am creating a non-profit structure here in Paris with two other people, the aim is to make African artists (or whether they may be from…) join a Network where they can share their experiences, work together…The Sabador project is still going on, as I move from country to country all the time it’s difficult to keep the pace, but now with a wife, baby and a mortgage I think I will settle down a bit!!:)

31- Do u find it challenging to be married to someone from another culture? Do u feel it's accepted within our culture?
It’s trully something to be married to someone from another culture; it’s a real challenge within every society! Also I believe that it’s a proof of tolerance, acceptance of the other, but the love part has lot do with it too, most of it. Within our African culture it’s difficult for people to accept it but, I believe that there is nothing as personal as marrying someone. There are a lot of rewards to be married to someone really different when first of all you share the same values in life. When you think of how rich the life of the fruits of a mixed color, cultural union could be,'s just exciting!!

32-Last but not least what do u for sure in life?
You mean what do I “know” for sure in life ?”?? It’s who is my mother and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Well..well Doumbs thank you so much brotha for being real and honest in your answers..You are def' part of the "AFRICA IS THE FUTURE"movement...can't wait to see u shine brighter and brighter brotha :)

If you would like to know more about Sabador Production or Doumb's work:

Djaaa the mix Senegal/Guinea est dangereuxx dee:)

Eyee Wayeee:)


beautyinbaltimore said...

I think it’s not that we are macho, talking about real Africans, not African-American born “Africans”! - Wow I wish he could of expaned on this.

What culture is his wife from?

beautyinbaltimore said...

"I think you should be more realistic and proud of your nappy hair, color and so on".

- VERY important. I noticed that when I went to wear my hair natural a few years ago its was the Africans(Nigerians) who gave me the most fuss as a group. Another blogger wrote about a celebration in Nigeria for a new cosmetic company that is selling lighting products. I read that and said to myself WTF, said. That God for Genieve Naij(sp), she is a chocolate sister doing it big in NIgerian movies.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Anyone can purchase lables but you can't bye style. The sartorialist(link on my blog) show stylish people who do it for less all day every day.

Keep up the good work my dear.

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