Friday, May 18, 2007


**** Feelin my gal Brandy, ndeysane hopefully she'll get it together:)

Reppin for Chad..that's rite sista:)

Check out her body..on point sista

You can def' be proud of yourself sis'

'Xuse Me Miss , who you be: Kaltouma Nadjina
'Xuse Me Miss, what part of Africa you represent: Chad all day baby
'Xuse Me Miss, why should we remenber you: Because I am the first female to brin my country to the Olympic Games
'Xuse Me Miss , what's your palmares:gold medal ,200&400m at the AfricanChampionship in Tunis in2002.
'Xuse Me Miss what's your goal: My goal & my pride is to represent my country in the world, to have people know Tchad through me, that's the reason why I refuse to represent Canada during the Olympic Games because I want to shine for my country ..'Xuse Me Miss what do u believe in: I believe in hard work and discipline..nothing comes easy to no one..u just have 2 work hard....

Djaahaa my Chadian Sistas are fierce all the way bb:)
Eyee Wayee:)