Thursday, May 24, 2007


**Feelin "under my umberellla...ellla..e..e"
(reminds me of my nephew he loves

I love u Ajuma..but ouhh..... homeboy ain't that bad either:)

Sorry for the quality people...but um u get the

She blends very well w/them ...doesn't she..but look they are trying so hard 2 be serious around and she nails it ..:)

1 of the boys hun!!
Ajuma for Vivienne V., 1 little out there ..oh well!

Ajuma for Vivienne W.fall 07

For those who visit sometimes, you should be familiar w/ mpy posts about missAjuma...
I try to keep track of her career....!!
I was glad to see the 23 year old kenyan beauty new shots in the last Vibe Mag' issue, the theme of the spread was" Army Life" , she's the only chick among 4 or 5 other male models....
Despite her short hair and her striking features, she managed to look very feminine..!!
She currently resides in NY & shares an apartment Rwandese model Honorine U.....

A suivre!!
Djaa Kenyan Women are Beautiful:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Fa Sy said...

Waow, shes drop dead gorgeous! I love the natural style!

true supermodel said...

Rwandese model Honorine U.....

Would you happen to have a link for that model or pictures of her? Please.

Africainement said...

fa-i agree can u imagine her w/long hair..danger!
true sup- hey girl..thanks for stopping by..... look under rwanda rep, or african fasion models..i put pics of her..she's gorgeous as well:)

beautyinbaltimore said...

I love this chic. I think she was my first model of the month. The sad thing most black people could not can not get with her type of beauty.