Thursday, May 17, 2007


***U know the Elephant

Pretty gal hun...

Lovely smile sista

Pouting ...tu as raison o'''

Life is Beautiful mama

Clowning around

I'm telling y'all you can not block us , we are beyond powerful and we are everywhere...
Faustina Agolley better know as Fuzzy on Australian tv, is 1 of the most popular tv vj's in Australia.

She's known for being a fun , entertaining beautiful and articulate young lady, who's doin the damn thang interviewing celebrities, introducing videos..ect...

She's 22 years old & is having the time of her life..a fellow afro she's grateful for her job even though her love for geography and travel may call her elsewhere 1 day...the gal has brains she has a bachelor's degree in communication & geography, and is a recent grad..congrats.... from 1 of the most respected Australian univ', RMIT University ...

Her face may be familiar to some of you as she was the face for various campaigns for
Nokia, Puma, Sunglass Hunt...ect...

Now I am still unsure as to which West African country she belongs, so if anybody can help me,I would be grateful****

Djaa we African Women are just everywhere my people:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Anonymous said...

Her mother is chinese-malaysian and her father ghanaian.She was born in London and raised in melbourne,Australia.