Monday, July 30, 2007


The Beautiful Aida Toure

Anonymous**, thank you for introducing me to this amazing woman...!!
Gifted, Enlightened, on a different level, so aware of her life and
of her vision & mission..after going through her webbie I just had total respect for the sista...
Not only is she trully a Muslimah sista true to her sincere heart, but she's also here to prove that being true to one faith doesn't prevent one from experiencing life..
For 1 homegirl has a bloggie..and 1 webbie (hello!technology..lo), she's
talented painter, poet and philosopher ...thoughout her art and her writting she never cease to praise the Almighty...
Believe it o not she never received formal training ; this gift was bestowed to her after a period of self-reflection..

I'm telling you Allah just knows how to use us...she has 3 books to her name today ...1 of the reasons why i like this chicka is because rarely do you find contemporary writtings by peeps of our generaton connecting us to our Islamic faith , talking in a language that we can relate to, not always pointing the finger but encouraging us to get closer to Allah..I know that in my case I've always wanted to find these type of writtings...She was born of the union btw a Malian father and a Gabonese mother..I am sure that her parents must be proud of her because sista got it going on..:)
In her paintings,She uses oil and acrylic techniques...mad talent...:)Her work has been published in the USA and has been feautured in France, Gabon and the States.

Another thang that I found fabulous about the sista are her various reflections upon # things such as the theme of' a little bit of what she says:

"Our purpose is what fuels the soul's natural inclination toward certain activities which bring us a sense of deep fulfillment, satisfaction and peace. Our purpose is stored in our soul, it's triggered by hardships, directed by Love and is rooted in a desire to selflessly contribute to some form of evolution."
deep hun......anyways.....
Miss Toure just wanna say that it's a honor to talk about u on my bloggie, any woman who's courageous enuff to take a positive stand for her faith , and to show the world that we can respect our faith and be artist or whatever we chose to be..deserves respect.
Please do us a favor and pass the word around about this sista...:)

Here are her various webbies:

Her 2nd webbie:
Djaa our Muslimah sistas are doin't period:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Waouh I made it ...1 year....waouh I'll say it again...this has been 1 of the toughest, most rewarding , amazing, "so -worth- it "thing I've done in my's so rewarding..I mean I've learned so much ..I go at the same speed as you guys...!!!
Most of the people I've talked about I didn't know much about..I make it a point to do as much research as I can btw 2 jobs, a social life, life itself sometimes it can be quite challenging....but I am happy very happyyyy actually w/a bit over 400 posts...

Liya K. from Ethiopia

through this blog I found 1 of my calling ...,a great Passion :learning about my continent and sharing that info "my way" .
Beautiful Erithrea

My family tells me that i need 2 stop using" my slang and african terms"that some peeps may not be used to...but I say no because if people wanted to read things on a more serious tone they could turn to CNN or Times or any other African blogs that use a more

conventional approach..I love the way I writte things because that's kinda how I would like it presented if I was a & serious at the mismo..but ok big sis Abby I'll try to tame it down maybe

Miss Atong

No..... but I loved blogging about Chinguetta in Mauritania and Asmara and Djenne(on my things to see ), I loved the hotels in South Africa the fashion, i loved finding out that my North African sistas were really into arts, I didn't know much about Congo besides dombolo and Koffi and X tra....I 've learned about the mistreatment of women and the efforts that people put towards ending it, I've learned about the king and queen of Swaziland...I mean so much..1 of my fav'post is the 1 I did about Omar from lybia ..being a young modern Muslim woman I am always touched by the great faith that people can show in times of crisis, my naja people also rock(weddings )..I am amazed by their intelligence...they are so ressourcefull ...

Chinguetta Mauritania that I want 2 visit someday

The litterature aspect of Africa is also quite interesting because each part of Africa speaks its own truth...globally there are so many cultural events..but they are so scattered ..there are no massive ways of communication btw countries I feel..!!!Augustin K.I.Coast looveee his work

More African businesses also need to hurry up and get themselves updated w/webbies...personally I tend to not look seriously at businesses without a webbie to me it's a lack of picture how other parties may look at it...!!
The beautiful Saran my first interview

I loved discovering the world of architecture, of interior design ..wish there more info on that subject...

What about the pretty chicks and the men on the runawy..doin their thang hun:)
Kaone from Botswana

I still have a whole lot of work to do w/this webbie and
I promise to stay committed to it...and bring you guys more info..I also would like to thank the people who encourage me all the time my fam' , friends who are not so into my bloggie but who support cos they know it's my passion.......Aissa Maiga

anonymous * got the message I will def' take everything you said in consideration and will post about them, people who left me messgs on my guestbook,
beauty in baltimore for getting other peeps to check me out, Propangandarts, Fa, Sophie,Morgaliou, Groovylady, Ladybrille, miss Fafa and fam'**, C.&Razor.... and all the other bloggers that I may not know but who gave me a shout oout ....)

To another year w/way more info to share...I promise to keep it relevant and funky :)

PS: Lol I dind't know you guys would wanna know about Beauty i'll do the questions anonymous- miss Fafa want 2 interview me lol I'll post it this u can get to know the nerd that I am...

Excited..Nervous...Willing to keep it authentic :)

Eyeeeee Wayeee:)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


If you have the legs girl, better kick'em

Is that right:)

Cool & Sophisticated

Like this bohemian look meets sexy pumps


We keep on coming..and comin' (I'm in a silly mood)

Def' African ..what part not sure (either gabon or senegal i think ), please let a sista know if anybody knows.

She's appeared on ads for Macy's .... based in Canada and travels around the world ...

we'll be watching Jessiee

Djaa 2 African sistas in Canada are doin' it too hun:)

Eyee Wayee:)


He just seems like a cool dude:)

My next read if possible

I like the dude...he just seems like a cool intelligent person w/whom it would be cool to have a great conversation about Africa's past and present. He was born in Djibouti (word up Mia) and moved to Caen where he excelled in french and studied english.

He is a writter for various publications , a novelist, and a NOMAD at heart:)
His first novel "Le Pays sans Ombre"was awarded the prize de
l'Academie Royale & Litterature Francaise de Belgique...pretty cool hun for an African brotha:)

In his various, essays, legends, novels his themes center around African social issues and troubles, such as war, hunger, exil, fight btw hope and our sad historical past...very interesting...I would say..

I haven't read any of his books yet but I am looking forward to doing so especially his book called "Les Etats Unis d'Afrique" (the United States of Africa) really like the title to start of.....where white peeps would be moving to a fictif for now-prosperous Africa...loves it*
Anywhoo if u wanna more about this jovial man :
Djaa my people from Djibouti are very interesting:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


" No daddy I dont wanna go 2 school..."

Chilling w/her bro ans daddy

She's always doin' her own

" Me and my daddy are going for ice -cream cake..just for me and him.."
Pics courtesy of People M.
Everytime I see this little girl she makes me laugh, between her little cute tomboyish outfits, she's either looking very serious or clowning around...
Word is her dad Brad Pritt can't refuse anything to her, she's the clown of the familia and 1 time told her mama Angelina that if she didn't let her have her way (i don't recall what it was in regard ) that her dad would...yep a daddy's girl:)

Djaaa miss Zahara is growing:)
Eyee Wayeeee:)


** Feelin' Sean Kingston

Mr. James Shikwati..give respect when it's due!

Another perspective of things-but nonetheless pertinent....The way that the fairly young (37 years old)kenyan economist James S. sees things is that we African nations , actually the people of our nations don't take advantage of those monetary aids that powers such as the US or the Uk bestow on our know how the game of politics work in our continent...
the leaders of our countries keep for the most part those aids and leave to the population the remainings....

In his country of Kenya, food was sent in the past to help the community but it end up being sold privately and also prevents local farmers to make a living...(goood point)

Same thing w/clothes , when they are beingf sent to our countries they prevent our local tailors to make a profit as well...(deep)

Corruption is trully a problem in our would it be solved i have no idea,
as long there will be poverty, selfishness, that concept will exist in our country.
I know that Mr James Shikwati's vision of things could be shocking but sometimes
in life you have to get closer to hear better...

He's basically saying that it's a really honorable thing but at the end of the day it doesn't trully help us rather make us even more endebted.
James Shikawati is also the founder of a non -profit economic tank group called
Inter Region Economic Network which aim is to bring awareness and tangible solutions, freedom of trade, ...for example they have this program.
"Promoting Business in rural areas" which targets high school students and university students in helpin setting up business while being helpful to their communities by fighting against malaria....great hunn:)

That's what I like.... talking and doin'!!!

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my Kenyan people are working hard to better their country:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


**Feeling congolese music

The little back number hun..

She is as sassy as her mumsey

Thandie & Hubby

Thandie and her 2 daughters

Not really feeling this 1 looks good on her

She def' has star qualities in her dressing

Babydoll dress done right

"Poupee de cire "

" The Glamourouss"

The half Zambian actress is one of UK's most prominent actress/fashionista...
Homegirl despite her work and her family life always manage to spend some "me -time", get glamourous and go to events...:)
This one goes out back to back
Accomplished professionally & personally ...1 of the toughest thang we women work hard to do...well take example on Miss Thandie N.

Djaa les gos de Zambie refuseeent deee:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Monday, July 16, 2007


** Feeelin Mr. African Queen

Moments before Kelly collapsed

John Legend and Rinana

Shakira doin what she does best!

Oh Waouh my naja people are not playing, this is the 2nd edition of this festival in Lagos in Nigeria, last year they had B & her man Jay Z and other artists..

This year it was the turn of Kelly Rowland, Rihana for the 2nd time, the charming Shakira and the Legend to go entertain our peeps in Africa...great musical initiative and if they keep up the tempo this may become a legendary musical festival where all international artists would like to participate...
Oh and pretty Kelly R. unfortunately collapsed on stage due to desydration...oh waouh...anyways I'm sure she's better now...but my thoughts are w/her....!!

Djaa my Naja people are doin' it:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)