Tuesday, July 10, 2007


**Feelin Magic System

Do u see the crowd behind him ..:?)

Pictures like this 1 , make u wonder what would the world be without entertainment?

Lol I love this pic Didier Drogba & Dj Lewis dans le farotage...go boys

Didier and menbers of les Elephants de CI...(Kolo Toure...etc)


Best Footbal player 2007

Mmm you trully gotta be the man to have dvd's and cd's totally devoted to you and and your football skills...DROGBACITE, AILE DE PIGEON (are all terms that party people are used to hearing on the dance floors from Abidjan to Dakar)..saluting the immense talent of

Mr Didier Drogba.. Drogba at 29 years old , has accomplished a lot in his booming career as a soocer player..

I won't go through his all career because I will not be done anytime soon..lol but know that he grew up in France, he's played as a senior professional player for Mans, l'Olympique de Marseille (alleez les bleu)and his latest club Chelsea....

I'll give u his webbie but the thang that strucked me the most about his dude is that he worked hard 2 get where he is 2day, btw being in a team where the coach didn't allow him to play much in her junior years in soccer, that must have been tough fot someone who knew his potential...to also being mentored by his uncle Michel Goba must have been wonderful but at the same challenging.....
After reading about him, I have much more respect for the dude who was elected this year
best African football player of the year among other awards...
He's a married father of 3 to a Malian sista (aightt now lol)
As far as I am concerned now , he can wear Louis Vuitton as much as he wants, faire le "farot", lol ..i say if you work hard, help others, tu peux faire aussi 1 peu ton malin quoi..lol
If you wanna more about his career,and him actually, here's his personal webbie:

Also here's a tribute to him:

Djaa les Ivoiriens vont drogbaciter:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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