Monday, July 30, 2007


The Beautiful Aida Toure

Anonymous**, thank you for introducing me to this amazing woman...!!
Gifted, Enlightened, on a different level, so aware of her life and
of her vision & mission..after going through her webbie I just had total respect for the sista...
Not only is she trully a Muslimah sista true to her sincere heart, but she's also here to prove that being true to one faith doesn't prevent one from experiencing life..
For 1 homegirl has a bloggie..and 1 webbie (hello!technology..lo), she's
talented painter, poet and philosopher ...thoughout her art and her writting she never cease to praise the Almighty...
Believe it o not she never received formal training ; this gift was bestowed to her after a period of self-reflection..

I'm telling you Allah just knows how to use us...she has 3 books to her name today ...1 of the reasons why i like this chicka is because rarely do you find contemporary writtings by peeps of our generaton connecting us to our Islamic faith , talking in a language that we can relate to, not always pointing the finger but encouraging us to get closer to Allah..I know that in my case I've always wanted to find these type of writtings...She was born of the union btw a Malian father and a Gabonese mother..I am sure that her parents must be proud of her because sista got it going on..:)
In her paintings,She uses oil and acrylic techniques...mad talent...:)Her work has been published in the USA and has been feautured in France, Gabon and the States.

Another thang that I found fabulous about the sista are her various reflections upon # things such as the theme of' a little bit of what she says:

"Our purpose is what fuels the soul's natural inclination toward certain activities which bring us a sense of deep fulfillment, satisfaction and peace. Our purpose is stored in our soul, it's triggered by hardships, directed by Love and is rooted in a desire to selflessly contribute to some form of evolution."
deep hun......anyways.....
Miss Toure just wanna say that it's a honor to talk about u on my bloggie, any woman who's courageous enuff to take a positive stand for her faith , and to show the world that we can respect our faith and be artist or whatever we chose to be..deserves respect.
Please do us a favor and pass the word around about this sista...:)

Here are her various webbies:

Her 2nd webbie:
Djaa our Muslimah sistas are doin't period:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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I am going to check out her websites.