Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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Mr. James Shikwati..give respect when it's due!

Another perspective of things-but nonetheless pertinent....The way that the fairly young (37 years old)kenyan economist James S. sees things is that we African nations , actually the people of our nations don't take advantage of those monetary aids that powers such as the US or the Uk bestow on our know how the game of politics work in our continent...
the leaders of our countries keep for the most part those aids and leave to the population the remainings....

In his country of Kenya, food was sent in the past to help the community but it end up being sold privately and also prevents local farmers to make a living...(goood point)

Same thing w/clothes , when they are beingf sent to our countries they prevent our local tailors to make a profit as well...(deep)

Corruption is trully a problem in our would it be solved i have no idea,
as long there will be poverty, selfishness, that concept will exist in our country.
I know that Mr James Shikwati's vision of things could be shocking but sometimes
in life you have to get closer to hear better...

He's basically saying that it's a really honorable thing but at the end of the day it doesn't trully help us rather make us even more endebted.
James Shikawati is also the founder of a non -profit economic tank group called
Inter Region Economic Network which aim is to bring awareness and tangible solutions, freedom of trade, ...for example they have this program.
"Promoting Business in rural areas" which targets high school students and university students in helpin setting up business while being helpful to their communities by fighting against malaria....great hunn:)

That's what I like.... talking and doin'!!!

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my Kenyan people are working hard to better their country:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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