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The Smooth Mahmou Keldi
pics courtesy of grioo.com

The project he had in the city of Rennes France

Project in his hometown of Moroni

Well, well quite an intersting and accomplished man this Mahmoud Keldi....!!
Driven, Persistent, Intelligent, Smooth, but driven mostly ..he was born in Moroni the capital of les Iles Comores, moved to france where he went to school before becomig an architect. Even though he has french citizenship,he had to face the "deboires " of an immigrant, with his butter skin, his Arabic name, life wasn't easy for him, but
hey if you want in life you try your hardest to get there...

which is what he did..

While studying he did a paid intership w/an architect firm which I'm sure was very helpful because he got to practice what he learned...
I never realized how complicated and detailed the job of an architect was but after reading about him on http://www.grioo.com/ I found great respect for architects in general and him...

In his mid -thirties he now co-owns a practice KELDI ARCHITECTS...go brotha...what I love about his speech and him, is that he knows what he's talking about...boy is no joke!

Anywhoo he addresses also the issue of the lack of great interest in African architecture by us first of all and by the west...
he feels that there's a lot of work needed to be done in the West before putting all his efforts toward builiding a career in Africa itself , he also pointed that We African people tend to trust more things that come from the Western world than our own...ah he got a point...!!

Anywhoo there's so much more 2 learn about him but here's his webbie:

I am so proud of my brothers from les Iles Comores:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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