Friday, July 13, 2007


** Feelin his non -profit org' helping children in need

Love the tuxedo on u brotha...u are wearin it:)

A Ball Player!
At a press conference!

If you've read my blog you know that I am sucker for hard working men...
I don't know, .... 2 me the power of the brain surpass any good looks any's just stimulating...and you know u can find that quality in a singer, in a businessman, in an atlhete just like 25 year old Phoenix Star Boris Diaw.

Boris was born in a family of sports stars, his french mummy was a European baskball star in the 70's , his father was at his turn a high jump champion.

Boris also has 2 brothers who are great players as well;Martin is doin' his thang in France as a professional ball player and 1 of his younger brother Paco Diaw is also evolving in the states at Georgia Tech.
What I really like about Boris's success story is that he seems so grounded despite the success and the fame, I mean the boy is the captain of the National French team of b/ball. His best buddy Tony Parker is also a star in his own right, and the beautiful thang about their friendship is that they're really supportive of each other;Boris was even his best man at his wedding.
In the game of b/ball Boris is known as 3 D because of his abilities to play all postitions in a game. Oh, and Boris is the first french player to ever record a triple double.

He didn't know much about his senegalese roots during his youth, but now he's trying to get closer to that identity of his by travelling to Senegal as much as he can.
He 'has a non-profit org called "Babac'Ards" which aim is to help chidren in need through free of charge camps where kids can learn the game of bsktball as well as receive clothes...etc..

As a whole , he just seems like a kind focused young man who's doing his thang!
Chapeau!!I applaud you brotha'!!

Naways if you want to know more about him, here's his webbie:

Djaa our Senegalese Brothas know how to give back:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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