Wednesday, July 04, 2007


** Feelin my gal Perle Lama"



Yep that's the thang about us African people, I believe that as much as we are going toward a modern Africa some of our traditions remain, meet 1 of the guardians of Mossi tradition ; the Mogho Naba.

According to a legend , the Mossi civilization was the result of the union of a ghanaian princess and of a Mande hunter...hum interesting.
Anyways in history the Mogho Naba was the emperor of the Mossi empire, of course colonisiation happened which kinda weakened his role.
But until 2day the Mogho Naba is consulted in major decisions concerning the Mossi people of Burkina Fasso. For The Mossi people respect of the elders , the land, the family is crucial.

Each friday in Ouagadougou, the Mogho Naba receive his disciples and listen to their problems. Years ago when I went to visit my family I got the chance to assist 2 a ceremony lead by the Mogho Naba...quite interesting.
I remenber people being very respectful and in !!

Djaa certain of our traditions will always remain:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Fa Sy said...

I didnt know that story. Interesting, you learn every day!