Wednesday, July 11, 2007


**Feelin Closer

I am proud 2 say that I took personally this!

She's very funcky

Pretty Woman

Love her dreads, she no longer has them because she shaved


Go Girl

I didn't know much about Goapele's music until I went to see her in concert last year at Summer Jam in Central Park (freee...I'm actually going to do a post about those concerts) anywhoo she's so gooooooood! I was feelin low dat day but my spirits were i was listening to her airy yet strong voice...loved it..and homegirl had a lot of fanss...can we say it was afro nation in the park.......I mean all kind of fros, of natural styles..I was proud that day to have made the switch to being natural....!!
.....Anywhoo why am I blogging about her??Well because her grandparents on her dad side are actually from South Africa and were social activists (yeahh), on her mum side her grandparents are actually holocaust survivors- thus her involment in human rights movement with her own non profit charity org. called

Ain't it cool 2 see a fly sista still aware of social problems and trying to make a difference...
Anywhoo she has 4 albums under her belt, and the last 1 is called "Change it All".....
Here's her official webbie:

And here's her song "Closer" (very nice u may have heard in the movie Honey)

Djaa my SA people be doin' it:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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