Wednesday, July 18, 2007


" No daddy I dont wanna go 2 school..."

Chilling w/her bro ans daddy

She's always doin' her own

" Me and my daddy are going for ice -cream cake..just for me and him.."
Pics courtesy of People M.
Everytime I see this little girl she makes me laugh, between her little cute tomboyish outfits, she's either looking very serious or clowning around...
Word is her dad Brad Pritt can't refuse anything to her, she's the clown of the familia and 1 time told her mama Angelina that if she didn't let her have her way (i don't recall what it was in regard ) that her dad would...yep a daddy's girl:)

Djaaa miss Zahara is growing:)
Eyee Wayeeee:)


Anonymous said...

She's so cute!

Anonymous said...

i thought she do u know she's Somali? or is she those Somali kids that were in put in eithiopian orphan homes? is that why some people assume she's eithiopian?

Anonymous said...

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is not Somali, but an Ethiopian Muslim from Ethiopia. That is where the Pitts first rescued her from. In the interests of honesty in reporting, please correct this. There's already too much misinformation going around, and this excellent blog shouldn't be a party to any of it.